Coding for the Future: Lessons Learned, Emerging Technologies & Future Opportunities

Recording of webinar aired Wednesday, October 19th, 2022 at 1:00 PM EST

The world of medical coding has developed dramatically in the past 20 years. What began as a manual, paper-based process has in the span of just a few decades transformed into a highly specialized digital process leveraging predictive analytics, AI, natural language processing, computer-assisted coding, and autonomous coding. This transformation comes with a shift for medical coders themselves, whose roles have changed and will continue to evolve in the future, requiring new and different kinds of specializations.

This webinar highlights:

  • Measures the healthcare industry can take to help medical coders prepare for the future
  • The underlying science and technology powering new medical coding tools
  • Best practices on supporting coders as they shift their focus to more complex domains which will require different skill sets and training

Watch the webinar highlight reel below: